How to love an Introvert

Try not to take their need for space personally. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Don’t try to fix them. Accept an introvert for who they are and they’ll be loyal to you for life. Know that introverts don’t let many people in, so you must be pretty important to them. Introverts hate confrontation. … Continue reading How to love an Introvert


Why do I believe what I believe?

When asked why do you believe what you believe? I answer it’s because of faith. I may not have walked with Christ, but by faith, I know He is with me and He goes before me and never leaves me. I may not have seen Him hanging on the cross while people mocked Him and … Continue reading Why do I believe what I believe?

What must end should end. #OneSolidYear

It's time to put an end to "ALL" that has to end. Close this chapter of your life and begin to write a new one. You will not move forward unless you stop looking backward. Enter to new doors of opportunities. 2019 is about creating new memories, building a stronger relationship. Deepening of faith, carving … Continue reading What must end should end. #OneSolidYear

Hard times will pass

Welcome to the best times of your life! I admire the people who are courageous enough to admit that they are passing through hard times and in need of help. They are emotionally agile and level-headed people who say 'these times are hard, but they will pass.' It's on these trying times that you identify … Continue reading Hard times will pass

The Introverted Me

The last few years, I've made challenging decisions in my life. Being an introvert, I find it hard to communicate well with people. I can socialize but it has a time limit. A social gathering is not my type, but with my profession -- dealing with marketing, events, arts, and social media, it's definitely inevitable. … Continue reading The Introverted Me

Battling with Depression

I want to share with you my personal insight on this topic. It's very interesting and close to my heart. I've engaged with people who underwent such an episode, of their life but overcame it, even I was not an exemption. I illustrate it this way - the journey from the battlefield to the victorious … Continue reading Battling with Depression

Wonderful counsel

When I think about the Lord, I see His lovingkindness to me. Words are not enough to how much grateful I am for my life. He keeps and remembers my prayers. He guides me and surround me with set of people whom I need on my journey. To be loved by God is the most … Continue reading Wonderful counsel

A prayer for you.

As you rest tonight, may you experience the peace that passeth all understanding and when you wake up in the morning, your strength is renewed to face the day with great hope, keeping in mind and heart these words: Lam 3:22 — Lam 3:23 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never … Continue reading A prayer for you.